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The most popular energy futures contracts are crude oil, RBOB gasoline, heating oil and natural gas. These natural resource markets have become one of the most important gauges of world economic and political developments, and are therefore heavily influenced by disruptions in producing nations. The value of the . dollar is significant because much of the world s crude oil is priced in dollars.

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Yes. It&rsquo s possible to connect your proprietary trading system directly to Currenex® servers using FIX API.

FIX API access is offered on a case-by-case basis, based on your experience with the FIX protocol and the expected type and volume of trading.

Please contact our Client Services team for more information.

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Buy or Sell with Equal Ease This may seem obvious, but prices don&rsquo t always go up. Sometimes they fall. With futures, it&rsquo s just as easy to sell, or take a short position, as it is to buy, or take a long position. Unlike many cash-based investments, there are no special forms to fill out and no higher financial requirements to meet. The requirements to sell short are exactly the same as to buy long. Either strategy is treated equally, and can be executed with equal ease.

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Asset allocation is the investment process where you decide how to divide your investments among the various asset classes, such as what portion to invest in stocks, bonds, commodities, or cash, for example. The purpose is to develop a diversified portfolio that reflects your risk tolerance and investment time horizon, and manage the overall risk of your portfolio in the process.

These products trade on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), part of CME Group. NYMEX energy contracts are listed on its electronic Globex platform.

We offer a range of CFD products and instruments. Please check our product specifications for more details.

To purchase or sell a scale down means to buy or sell at regular price intervals in a declining market. To buy or sell on scale up means to buy or sell at regular price intervals as the market advances.

The sale of a call or put option without holding an offsetting position in the underlying commodity. Also referred to as an uncovered option, naked call, or naked put.

The CFE also offers a realized variance futures contracts. S& P 555 three-month Variance Futures are based on the realized variance of the Standard & Poor s 555 Stock Index over a three-month period, while S& P 67-month Variance Futures are based on the realized variance of the S& P 555 Stock Index over a 67-month period.

The range of prices between support and resistance levels that a market has traded in for a specific time period.


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